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    The Idea Thread


    The not too distant future (in this case 100 years from now)

    A programmer for a company named cloak becomes obsessed with using their beta machine. The machine goes back and forth in time. The company is very small, working day and night. They are working on patenting their technology before other competitors in the emerging industry.

    The graveyard shift programmer begins using his crossware build to revisit the past. He made the thing. Named it. Without him there is no cloak. He goes over several events before focusing on his own past. The middle of the story deals with the programmer visiting the same event several times, experimenting with the outcome. The present changes throughout the story, but unforeseen effects are also recorded. The past changes as well. The concept of time is mutable.

    The end is anticlimactic (or is it?), as the owner of cloak rightly decides to fire the programmer before he can finish.
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