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Thread: Harris Govern Hiring--Allen Tx--IT Staff

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    Harris Govern Hiring--Allen Tx--IT Staff

    Hiya all. Big Dub here. My layoff thread didn't get much traction, but I know you all could have helped if you could. That said, my new company is hiring a counterpart to my position. Its not super high level and fancy, but its good if you've got a little experience in IT.

    Systems Support Specialist I

    Is the craigslist ad. It lists 1-3 years experience, but we're willing to hire a more experienced person (at a more experienced rate, of course). Basically, we'd be glad to get in a level 2.

    If you have any questions email the ad. I'm posting this here for my boss to get some eyes on the ad. Its worth noting that we got a lot of resumes after posting it at 5pm yesterday (Monday). So if you want in the running get in fast.

    UPDATE: This position is still open---Someone please be a good candidate, and be proactive. Thats the key. Being proactive.

    UPDATE 2: If you can provide me a name/etc via PM (or here if you feel comfortable) I can bring the name to my boss. We are needing a good candidate. Its a demanding, but fun and rewarding, job. Great experience and opportunity to learn. In the about 5 months I've been here I've easily doubled the knowledge of concepts I had coming into the job.
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