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Thread: The Guardian Legend: Legacy

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    The Guardian Legend: Legacy

    God I've wanted a remake of this for so so long. Annnnnnnnnnnnnnd it's being done by some russian guys, as a remake of the first, and apparently there is going to be a second one soon. It's also muuuuch harder than the first (Normal is really hard for me so I had to play on Easy and still got schlonged), I made a youtube of me playing, don't laugh though please, I suck. All the popups/tips etc can be disabled, but I left them on for now. Looks like the chips are now currency and used for different things, which is neat.

    Game is in alpha, still lots of bugs, but its definitely playable. They only have a facebook page atm, but there is a download link on that facebook page. The installer/launcher is very clunky, but once you get into the game, it runs well. Make sure you have all the required files installed (i.e. Microsoft XNA).

    Some of my shitty gameplay - Fast Forward to 4:50 to see the gameplay while walking.

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    Oh sweet baby jesus this is awesome. I still have remixes of the original sound track on my playlist.

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