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Thread: Job Requirements: Resumes not perfectly fitting.

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    Job Requirements: Resumes not perfectly fitting.

    In this thread, post your experiences either as an employer or as a job seeker where this happens and offer your anecdotal advice.

    I hear you should apply anyway,
    that job requirements are just suggested guidelines

    I usually apply to things I think I could learn.

    However, I do draw the line when they require a masters+ degree. I may be wrong with this one.
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    When I put a job req in with HR for a new position we needed filled they butchered the requirements we wanted but they are the pros... So in my case we weren't look for a perfect fit for the description. I'd say that goes for a lot of listings out there where they don't expect to find an exact match but are looking for someone at least strong is some areas and can demonstrate the competency to catch up in areas where they may be lacking in experience.

    It depends on the field but degrees can often be substituted for years of experience. In the tech world is a nice requirement to get H1B candidates though... Look at the graduates from top tier programs and US citizens are a minority. H1B aren't necessarily cheaper (often they aren't) but they are easier to retain because its harder for them to leave the company for the next best thing/quick salary raise because they are dependent on their sponsorship. Otherwise for newer grads its often easier to get significant pay increases by switching jobs every few years if you have what it takes.

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    Do what Indians do on their resumes.

    Lie. (or more specifically, white lie). i.e. "3 years Experience in C++ Code" == "I was some entry level goon who fucked around with our source control system and looked at C++ code for 3 years".

    I'm kidding. But really, Indians do that shit en masse and I've witnessed time and time again upper management lap that shit up.

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    I have lots of job experience in my field but zero related schooling. Which is fine for internal positions, but not so much if I want to move to another company. A lot of places HR will dump anything that doesn't meet their minimum ed requirements, regardless of sexy job experience.

    How often do employers actually verify education? Keeping in mind that I'm not some back ally doctor or rogue physicist.
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